All egg items are served with hash browns and a choice of toast or pancakes or french toast, butter and preserves. Add $1.49 for egg beaters or egg whites

One Egg 5.99

One Egg w/bacon or sausage - 8.19
One Egg w/
Canadian bacon 8.19
One Egg w/Ham 8.19
One Egg w/Corned Beef Hash 8.69
One Egg w/Gyros 8.19

Two Eggs 7.29

Two Eggs w/bacon or sausage 9.99
Two Eggs w/Canadian bacon 9.99
Twos Egg w/Ham 10.49
Two Eggs w/Corned Beef Hash 10.79
Two Eggs w/Gyros 10.29

Two Eggs w/Pork Chops 11.49
Two Eggs w/ Chopped Steak 11.49
Two Eggs w/Skirt Steak 15.79