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FREE Soft Drink
FREE Soft Drink after 2 Visits (minimum $15 purchase per visit)
2 Pts
FREE Appetizer or Dessert
FREE Appetizer after 5 visits! (minimum $15 purchase per visit; not valid on specials)
5 Pts
FREE Lunch Entree
FREE Lunch Entree after 10 visits! (minimum $15 purchase per visit)
10 Pts
FREE Signature Entree
FREE Signature Entree after 15 visits (minimum $15 purchase per visit. Excludes Full Slab of Rib)
15 Pts
FREE Manhattan Strip Steak
FREE Manhattan Strip Steak after 20 visits (minimum $15 purchase per visit)
20 Pts
FREE $25 Gift Card
FREE $25 Gift Card after 25 visits (minimum $15 purchase per visit)
25 Pts
FREE Bone-In Rib Eye Steak
FREE Bone-In Rib Eye Steak after 40 visits (minimum $15 purchase per visit)
40 Pts
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